Cinnamomum zeylanicum

Cinnamon (M,B)

This spicy, warming oil was used by the ancient Egyptians as an aromatic foot massage. It is used in very small amounts in cosmetics for its antiseptic properties.

Fragrance: Warm, spicy, powerful 

Known uses: insect repellent, nervous exhaustion, fatigue, colds, flu, circulation, weakness, depression.

Eucalyptus globulus

Eucalyptus (T)

This warming and antiseptic oil is great for relieving aches. And its sharp aroma helps increase concentration and lift feelings of depression.

Fragrance: Strong medicinal sharp, fresh, camphoraceous, with slight woody undertones.

Known uses: respiratory system, decongestant, colds, bronchitis, flu, hayfever.

Citrus aurantium dulcis or sinensis

Orange (T)

Sometimes called sweet orange, this versatile oil is widely used for its uplifting and detoxifying effects, it is also calming, it may help ease tense muscles, and its rejuvenating properties help skin maintain a youthful appearance. cheering and familiar, its aroma acts as a reviving tonic.

Fragrances: sweet, fresh,fruity smell

Known uses: Nervous system, depression, nervous tension headaches, anxiety, stress, digestive system, immune system, colds, flu.

Pelargonium graveolens & Pelargonium rosa

Rose geranium (T,M)

Rose geranium has been used as medical plants since antiquity, and are celebrated for their calming, uplifting aroma 

Fragrance: fresh, crisp, rosy-sweet.

Known uses: nervous complaints, stress, mild depression, anxiety, tension, menopause

Pogostemon cablin

Patchouli (B)

A tried and tested aromatherapy favourite, patchouli oil soothes and heals the skin. It also revitalizes ageing complexions, and its antiseptic properties help to treat pimple prone skin

Fragrance: aromatic, woody and musky with spicy, musty, earthy-sweet undertones

Known uses: insect repellent, fungicide, depression, antiseptic, aphrodisiac.

Citrus medica limonum

Lemon (T)

Fresh and invigorating, lemon stimulates the senses and clears the mind. Its citrus aroma and antiseptic properties make it a natural deodoriser.

Fragrances:  fresh sweet, green, citrus.

Known uses: antibacterial, fatigue, bronchitis, asthma, colds, flu, loss of voice, depression, stress, mental fatigue.

Cananga odorata

Ylang ylang (T,M)

With its exotic, highly floral aroma, ylang ylang is uplifting and arousing, and at the same time eases feelings of anxiety.

Fragrance: Intensely sweet, powerful, exotic, highly fragrant, floral scent with a creamy top note.

Known uses: stress, depression, exhaustion, tension, shock, fear, panic, anxiety, aphrodisiac.

Lavandula angustifolia

Lavander (T,M)

A versatile and popular essential oil, lavender has a calming fragrance and is particularly renowned for its ability to relax and promote restful sleep.

Fragrance: fresh, light, soft, clean sweet floral.

Known use: widely used for its numerous therapeutic benefits including nervous problems, stress, insomnia, depression.